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Do FDCPA Laws Vary by State?

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If you believe you have been harassed by a third-party debt collector, there may be resources available for you. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or FDCPA, was enacted to protect consumers from abusive tactics from third-party debt collectors attempting to receive a payment.

Under the FDCPA, no third-party debt collector can call you in the wee hours of the night, inform uninvolved third parties of your debt, release your debt information to creditors, and more. But did you know that some states supplement the FDCPA with their own laws?

Currently, nearly two dozen states have their own FDCPA laws on top of federal laws. This gives consumers even more protection against harassing tactics, and allows you to fight your claim in court. Here are some details on statewide FDCPA laws:

If you have been harassed by a third-party debt collector in any state, be sure to speak with an FDCPA attorney right away.