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Are You Being Called By Pro Com Services of Illinois, Inc.?*

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Once you have missed a certain number of payments on your student loans, credit cards, or other types of debt, your creditors may turn the accounts over to third-party debt collectors to pursue on their behalf. Although there are laws in place that regulate how and when these collection agencies may communicate with you, many of them try to push the envelope in the hope that they can stress you into paying.

Your Rights Under the FDCPA

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or FDCPA regulates what debt collectors can say or do when trying to collect a consumer debt. If companies assigned to your account uses tactics like those below, they are breaking the law and you have grounds to sue.

  • Calling at inconvenient times, usually before 8:00 a.m. and after 9:00 p.m
  • Calling you at work after they’ve been advised that such calls are not allowed
  • Publicly posting details of a debt on social media and other public outlets
  • Discussing the debt with your family (with the possible exception of your spouse), friends, and co-workers
  • Swearing, raising their voices, and making threats
  • Leaving voice messages that do not identify the collectors and the reason for their calls

If a debt collector has called you at work, uninvolved third parties may have been notified of your debt. Here's a little more information on who a debt collector cannot speak with regarding your debt.

Is Pro Com Services of Calling You?

Company Profile: Pro Com Services of Illinois, Inc.

If you are being called by Pro Com Services of Illinois, Inc., information about the company is below.

Pro Com Services of Illinois, Inc. is a debt collection office located in Springfield, Illinois. It was established in 1924, has less than 10 employees, and is managed by President and CEO Connie M. Matrisch. When lawsuit records are inspected at the PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) website, it becomes apparent that consumers who felt they were being harassed by Pro Com Services of Illinois, Inc. chose to challenge the company’s claims instead of pay them.

Alleged Violations against Pro Com Services of Illinois, Inc.

According to PACER, on or about November 4, 2016, Pro Com Services of Illinois, Inc. mailed a collection letter to a Wisconsin resident regarding a medical debt she allegedly owed. The exterior face of the envelope stated in the upper left hand corner, "Do Not Mail Checks to this Address”, although the FDCPA prohibits the use of any language or symbol, other than the debt collector’s address, on any envelope when communicating with a consumer.

Feeling harassed by Pro Com Services of Illinois, Inc. and suspecting that other consumers got a similar letter, she hired a consumer attorney and filed a class action suit against the company for allegedly violating the FDCPA in the following ways:

  • Enabling details of her debt to be disclosed to third parties
  • Using unfair and unconscionable means to collect a debt

The matter was later settled.

Hire an FDCPA Attorney

The phone numbers for this debt collection company are as follows:

  • 1-217-525-7600
  • 1-888-633-8238

If either of them appear on your caller ID in response to an incoming call, it means that you are being called by Pro Com Services of Illinois, Inc.. If the company sends you communications that make your debt detectable by third parties, hire a consumer attorney. If you opt to file a claim against Pro Com Services of Illinois, Inc., you could potentially be awarded $1,000 per FDCPA violation in addition to applicable fees, costs, and damages. Never passively accept abuse from a collection agency when such mistreatment is against the law.

An FDCPA attorney should be able to help you regardless of where you live. There are FDCPA attorneys in every state.

*Case taken from PACER ( File number is Case 2:17-cv-00257-WED from the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Division.

Disclaimer: The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be constructed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Pro Com Services of Illinois, Inc., or any other third-party collection agency, you may not be entitled to any compensation.