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What to Do If a Collection Agency Sues You?
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What To Do If CCS Companies Sues You*

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Your day has passed by uneventfully, that is, until someone walks up to your front door to serve you a complaint filed by CCS Companies.

The complaint is a formal summons for you to appear in a civil court to answer the demands made by the debt collection agency in regards to an outstanding credit card or a personal loan account. Because of the urgency of the legal matter, the complaint was served in person. You now have just a few days to respond to the lawsuit filed by CCS Companies.

Although federal law requires a civil court to serve a formal complaint properly, you do not have the legal power to stop the lawsuit from proceeding.

You cannot refuse delivery of the formal complaint and if you do walk away and fail to respond in a timely manner, the judge overseeing the case has the power to issue a judgment against you. A judgment is a legal decree that requires you to pay off the entire amount owed on a consumer debt.

Taking Control of a Lawsuit Filed by a Third Party Debt Collector

The sooner you speak with a licensed consumer protection lawyer, the sooner you address the complaint filed by a bill collector. You do not want to reach out to an ordinary consumer protection attorney; you have to work with an experienced consumer protection attorney that has amassed a record of successfully winning cases covered by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

According to the FDCPA bill collectors are barred from making threats to seize private property, as well as making threats to file a lawsuit. Although a debt collection agency can file a lawsuit, the FDCPA forbids the company from issuing a threat to file a claim.

Your FDCPA lawyer will perform an exhaustive investigation into your case. He or she will want you to submit every financial document related to the case, including canceled checks and monthly bank statements.

Your attorney might discover that you have paid some, if not all of a delinquent credit card or a personal loan account. If this is the case, then the bill collector filing the complaint has violated a provision of the FDCPA. According to the FDCPA, debt collection agencies are prohibited from trying to collect debts that has already been paid off.

What to do if CCS Companies sues you*

Filing a Lawsuit against CCS Companies

The primary goal of the FDCPA is to ban previously legal debt collection practices. However, the groundbreaking consumer protection law also contains language that allows consumers to file lawsuits seeking monetary damages.

You can file a claim seeking statutory damages up to $1,000 for all violations of the consumer protection law. If you can link physical and/or emotional duress symptoms to the illegal actions of a third party debt collector, the FDCPA grants you the right to seek just compensation for lost wages and medical bills.

Hire a FDCPA Attorney to Be in Your Corner

When you deal with a third party debt collector such as CCS Companies, you can expect the company to come to court accompanied by a high-powered team of lawyers. With an attorney in your legal corner, you have a fighting chance to turn a complaint filed by CCS Companies into a lawsuit that leads to the awarding of monetary damages.

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*Disclaimer:The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be constructed as legal advice. If you file a claim against CCS Companies or any other third-party collection agency, you may not be entitled to any compensation.

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