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Debt Settlement Letter By Collection Agency
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Debt Settlement Letter to National Commercial Services, Inc.*

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Writing a compelling debt settlement letter consists of several important components. First, you have to propose a debt settlement amount that works with your personal budget, as well as is agreeable to National Commercial Services, Inc.

After presenting an offer to a debt collection agency, you should establish a timeline for the third party debt collector to respond. Patience is the ultimate virtue when dealing with a bill collector. Wait until you hear back from National Commercial Services, Inc. to create a paper trail your consumer protection lawyer can use during debt settlement negotiations.

Why You Should Work with a Consumer Protection Lawyer

By hiring a licensed consumer protection lawyer, you receive legal expertise that eventually should lead to the most favorable debt settlement term. An experienced consumer protection lawyer will scrutinize your personal finances to come up with a debt settlement proposal you can afford.

Moreover, your lawyer will also know how to negotiate with a bill collector such as National Commercial Services, Inc.

Just as important, a consumer protection lawyer will understand how to protect your rights by invoking one or more provisions written into the landmark Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Enacted by the United States Congress in 1977, the FDCPA allows consumers to file lawsuits in civil court to recover financial damages. If you file a lawsuit against National Commercial Services, Inc. you can bet the third party debt collector will come legally armed with a team of skilled defense lawyers.

By working with a FDCPA lawyer, you reduce the stress and anxiety caused by dealing with a debt collection agency during a legal proceeding.

Debt Settlement Letter to National Commercial Services, Inc.*

What a Debt Settlement Letter for National Commercial Services, Inc. Should Look Like

Consumer debts like credit card and personal loan accounts accrue interest on the outstanding account balances. Months, maybe even years can pass before a bill collector contacts you about a delinquent debt.

This means the original balance will have increased significantly because of the added interest charges. By writing a persuasive debt settlement letter, you can pay off the outstanding debt by sending a portion of the original account balance plus the interest charges.

The debt settlement letter you send National Commercial Services, Inc. should include the date and contact information for the debt collection agency at the top of the letter. Make sure to add the account name and number for easy reference.

The heart of the letter should propose your debt settlement terms, which consist of the amount you want to pay and how you plan to eliminate the debt from your credit report. Consumers have two ways to take care of delinquent debts: send a lump sum payment or request a monthly installment plan.

Many creditors agree to more favorable debt settlement terms for consumers that agree to send lump sum payments. Your FDCPA lawyer will ask National Commercial Services, Inc. to sign and date the letter, if the bill collector agrees to the terms proposed in the debt settlement letter.

Do not allow a debt collection agency to get the upper hand in a debt settlement negotiation. Speak with an accomplished FDCPA lawyer today to reach a favorable debt settlement agreement with National Commercial Services, Inc.

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*Disclaimer: The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be constructed as legal advice. If you file a claim against National Commercial Services, Inc. or any other third-party collection agency, you may not be entitled to any compensation.

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