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Are You Being Called By Love, Beal & Nixon?

Stop The Harassment

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When you're experiencing serious financial challenges, credit card debt can become an alarming problem. If you reach the point where you can no longer keep up, collection agencies will start calling. They will rarely be sympathetic to your situation and some may even abuse you over it.

Your Rights Under the FDCPA

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) prohibits third-party debt collectors from employing unprofessional and unethical means to collect a debt. Any time a collection agency subjects a consumer to the following actions, they risk serious penalties:

● Using abusive and obscene language
● Threatening to call your company’s payroll department and garnish your wages
● Pretending to be attorneys, police officers, or federal agents
● Calling at inconvenient times
● Demanding amounts that exceed the original debt total
● Intentionally reporting false information to the credit bureaus

Company Profile: Love, Beal & Nixon

If you are being called by Love, Beal & Nixon, here are some additional details about the firm.

Love, Beal & Nixon. is a creditor’s rights law firm in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It opened for business in 1988, has 35 employees, and is managed by its President, William L. Nixon. Records of consumer-inspired lawsuits viewable at the PACER website indicate that consumers who believed that they were being harassed by Love, Beal & Nixon exercised their right to seek compensation under the FDCPA.

Alleged Violations against Love, Beal & Nixon*

According to information on the PACER website, on or around January 11, 2001, Love, Beal & Nixon attempted to collect a debt against an Oklahoma consumer by obtaining a default judgment. The consumer who was involved in the lawsuit insisted that she was not the person they were looking for: she simply happened to have the same name. Nonetheless, the firm took action to garnish her wages.
Feeling harassed by Love, Beal & Nixon, the consumer sued the firm for allegedly:

● Using false, deceptive, and misleading means to collect a debt
● Using unfair and unconscionable means to collect a debt
● Using harassing and abusive means to collect a debt

The matter was later settled.

Hire a Consumer Lawyer

The phone number for this debt collection agency is 1-405-720-0565. If it appears on your caller ID in response to an incoming call, be aware that you are being called by Love, Beal & Nixon. If they take legal action against you without properly verifying that you are the correct debtor, hire a consumer lawyer and file a claim against Love, Beal & Nixon. A judge could award you $1000 per FDCPA violation plus legal fees and associated damages. Taking action to protect your rights can indeed be in your best interests.

*Case taken from PACER ( Case 4:14-cv-00065-JED-tlw from the United States District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma.

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Disclaimer: The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be constructed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Love, Beal & Nixon. or any other third-party collection agency, you may not be entitled to any compensation.