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Are You Being Called By Cohen & Willwerth, P.C.?*

Stop The Harassment

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When you lose your job, become disabled, or experience any other financial setback, routine debt can spiral out of control and you may eventually deal with debt collectors. These companies are notorious for trying to threaten or bully people into paying, but don’t be intimidated.

If a collection agency abuses you in any way, they are breaking the law.

Your Rights Under the FDCPA

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or FDCPA, was passed in 1977 to ensure that third-party collection agencies treat consumers fairly. Unfortunately, many of them fail or refuse to do so. If you’re hounded by a debt collector who subjects you to any of the following, you have grounds to sue them.

  • Using profane and obscene language
  • Demanding an amount that’s not supported by law or the original creditor agreement
  • Discussing the debt with anyone except you, your spouse, attorney and any co-signers
  • Pretending to be police officers or federal agents
  • Attempting to collect a debt that is in dispute
  • Telling you that you can be arrested and sent to jail if you don’t pay

Company Profile: Cohen & Willwerth, P.C.

If you are being called by Cohen & Willwerth, P.C., more information about the firm is available below.

Cohen & Willwerth, P.C., which now does business as Cohen Willwerth & Marraccini, LLC, is a debt collection law office in Southampton, Pennsylvania with branch offices in New Jersey and New York. It was founded in 1985, has approximately 11 people, and is managed by Robert J. Willwerth.

Hire a Consumer Lawyer

The phone numbers for Cohen & Willwerth, P.C. are as follows:

  • 1-215-887-8100
  • 1-609-714-9299

If either one appears on your caller ID at any time of the day or night, it means that Cohen & Willwerth, P.C. is calling you, presumably about a debt. If they make demands and threats that disregard your dispute rights, hire a consumer lawyer to help you protect your interests.

If you file a claim against Cohen & Willwerth, P.C., you could be awarded $1,000 in statutory damages plus punitive damages and legal costs. You have the right to be treated fairly, and when debt collectors fail to do so, they may end up in debt to you.

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*Disclaimer: The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be constructed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Cohen & Willwerth, P.C. or any other third-party collection agency, you may not be entitled to any compensation.