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Can National Commercial Services, Inc. Leave a Voicemail?*

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One of the most stressful things to deal with on a day to day basis is getting calls from debt collectors. Millions of people experience anxiety or even panic when they get collection calls. And if you’re getting calls from collection agents at work that stress is ever more intense. The good news is that you can stop debt collectors from calling you at work and from leaving you voicemails at work so that you can do your job without the added stress of worrying that debt collectors are calling throughout the day.

The FDCPA Protects Consumers

There is a long list of things that debt collectors are not allowed to do legally, thanks to the FDCPA. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was passed to give people a break from relentless debt collection practices. The FDCPA is the reason why debt collectors can only call between certain hours and why they can’t call your relative or friends to try and harass you into paying a debt. And the FDCPA’s strict conditions mean that debt collectors can’t call you at work after you have told them to stop and they can’t leave you voicemails at work.

Can National Commercial Services, Inc. Leave a Voicemail?*

Why Debt Collectors Can’t Leave Voicemails

Technically there nothing in the FDCPA that says that a debt collector can’t leave you a voicemail at work. However, the FDCPA does state that a debt collector must also identify themselves as a debt collector when leaving voicemail. And the FDCPA also states that a debt collector cannot discuss your debt with anyone else.

But your work voicemail isn’t private like your personal voicemail. Your boss or someone else can access your work voicemails and that means that a debt collector can’t leave a message saying that they are a debt collector attempting to collect a debt because that would be discussing your debt with a third party. But not identifying themselves is also a violation of the FDCPA. So it’s almost impossible for a debt collector to leave you a voicemail at work without violating the FDCPA.

Threats And Harassment From Debt Collectors

The FDCPA also states very clearly that debt collection agents cannot threaten to have you arrested, imprisoned, or otherwise punished for not paying a debt. If you are getting voicemails that are threatening or intimidating you can file a claim against that collection agency for breaking the rules of the FDCPA.

An FDCPA Attorney Can Help

If you’re not sure whether or not voicemails or calls from a collection agency are in violation of the FDCPA but you want them to stop you should talk to an attorney that has experience with the FDCPA. An attorney can help you understand your options and represent you in court if you decide to file a claim against the collection agency.

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*Disclaimer: The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be constructed as legal advice. If you file a claim against National Commercial Services, Inc. or any other third-party collection agency, you may not be entitled to any compensation.

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