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How Many Times Can a Debt Collection Agency Call You?
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How Many Times Can Avante USA, Ltd. Call You?*

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Debt collection agencies purchase outstanding consumer debts for pennies on the dollar. The incredibly large profit margin earned by a third party debt collector such as Avante USA means you can expect to receive a flurry of phone calls.

If frequent phone calls cause you mental and emotional distress, then the constant phone calls are having the desired effect of getting you to fork over money to a bill collector.

Federal law does not prevent a debt collection agency from calling you at home. However, a third party debt collector is not allowed to threaten you by using abusive language or issuing threats of filing a lawsuit.

You have the legal right to ask Avante USA to stop calling you by sending a certified cease and desist letter to the bill collector. To make a cease and desist letter work in your favor, you should consider working with a licensed consume protection attorney that thoroughly understands the legal implications of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

How to Stop Debt Collection Agency Harassment

How to deal with frequent phone calls from a debt collection agency can involve refusing to answer the phone. A much better strategy is to contact an experienced consumer protection lawyer.

Avoiding phone calls made by Avante USA might alleviate some of the anxiety of addressing your debt burden, but rest assured the third party debt collector will not stop calling you until you agree to take care of a delinquent credit card or personal loan balance.

Your attorney might advise you to send a formal letter to Avante USA that emphasizes the bill collector has violated one or more provisions of the FDCPA.

If you inform a debt collection agency of FDCPA violations, you should also mention you plan to report the illegal actions to the Federal Trade Commission (FDCPA).

Some third party debt collectors might view your formal letter as a threat and continue to call you frequently at all hours of the day. Your next move should be to consider seeking monetary damages for violations of the FDCPA.

How Many Times Can Avante USA, Ltd. Call You?*

Possible Monetary Damages Awarded by Invoking the FDCPA

Bill collector harassment can cause considerable emotional distress that spills over into the relationships you forge at work and at home. Suffering from emotional distress is one thing; proving constant calls from a debt collection agency has agonized you is quite another thing.

An accomplished consumer protection attorney can help you document emotional distress, as well as seek monetary damages for the fear and anxiety triggered by phone calls from a third party debt collector.

The physical and emotional distress caused by bill collector phone calls can lead to lost wages. Whether you miss time because of physical ailments or emotional distress decreases your productivity on the job, you might be eligible to receive compensation for lost wages.

One or more violations of the FDCPA might allow you to pursue monetary compensation by filing a lawsuit in civil court. Your consumer protection lawyer will submit documentation proving lost wages, as well as call fellow workers to the stand to verify your claim of physical and/or emotional distress.

Debt collection agencies like Avante USA hire lawyers that are successful in defending claims of FDCPA violations. Make sure you come to court with a highly effective consume protection lawyer to ensure you benefit from all the rights granted by the FDCPA.

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*Disclaimer: The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be constructed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Avante USA or any other third-party collection agency, you may not be entitled to any compensation.

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