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What to Do if Hunter Warfield is Threatening Legal Action*

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Hunter Warfield, located in Tampa, Florida, provides revenue recovery and risk mitigating services. The debt collection agency went into business in 2004. It has offices in Tempe, Arizona, and Guatemala City, Guatemala, as well. While the company specializes in collection of rent, it does collect other debts. If they are threatening legal action, enlist the help of an FDCPS lawyer in your state.

How to Respond to a Lawsuit from Hunter Warfield

When debt is involved, maintain thorough records. You want to keep all proof of payments, correspondence, and statements. You want to show the original amount of debt and any payments you paid toward that. If you don’t believe the debt is yours, or if they are asking for a different amount, ask them to validate it.

When a debt is validated, Hunter Warfield must provide satisfactory documentation to show that the debt is yours and how much is owed. If you do owe the debt, then you can negotiate a settlement. You can often settle for half of what you owe. An FDCPA lawyer can help you challenge any legal action filed against you by Hunter Warfield.

Damages You Could Receive from Hunter Warfield

Sometimes debt collectors, such as Hunter Warfield, go overboard and harass their customers. If you are being harassed by Hunter Warfield, you may incur damages and be able to file a claim against them. If they have violated the FDCPA, which are federal laws to protect consumers, there are specific protections in place. Here are some ways you may recover damages from Hunter Warfield:

  • Emotional distress – Threats, harassment, and repetitive calls can harm a person emotionally. This can affect your relationships, your academic performance, and your work.
  • Lost wages – If you suffer emotional or physical distress because of Hunter Warfield, it could affect your ability to work and will lead to loss of income. If you have reduced production at work that affects income, or if you miss work, you may have a loss of income. You may be able to recover lost wages from Hunter Warfield.
  • Recovery of wage garnishment – If Hunter Warfield garnished your pay illegally, you can ask that they reimburse those garnished wages.
  • Statutory damages – If Hunter Warfield violated the FDCPA, and you don’t have grounds to claim damages for emotional distress or physical distress, a lawyer will help you to file a claim to ask for $1,000 in statutory damages.
  • Physical distress – Harassment from a debt collector can lead to medical problems that are of a physical nature. Different conditions you might experience include migraines, stress-induced anxiety, high blood pressure, heart problems, and insomnia.
  • Legal fees –You can ask the court to hold Hunter Warfield responsible for any of the legal fees, court costs, and attorney’s fees you incur because of the harassment you suffered.
  • Injunctive relief – You can have Hunter Warfield to cease and desist all collection activities. After this is done, they cannot contact you or your family.

What to Do if Hunter Warfield is Threatening Legal Action*

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*Disclaimer: The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Hunter Warfield or any other third-party collection agency, you may not be entitled to receive any compensation.