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What to Do If Roquemore & Roquemore, Inc. Sues You*

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Ignoring a summons to appear in court that was issued by judge presiding over a debt collection lawsuit can lead to negative financial consequences. The judge hearing the lawsuit by a debt collection agency will make a judgment that rules against you for the entire amount owed on a credit card or personal loan balance.

In addition to paying off the entire debt, you might also have to pay exorbitant interest fees, court costs, and the wages of not only your attorney, but also the legal counsel for the third party debt collector.

Judgments grant bill collectors such as Roquemore & Roquemore, Inc. much more power to collect delinquent consumer debts. You can face a wage garnishment order that dramatically reduces your weekly take home pay.

A judge might place a lien against your home and/or land. In the worst case scenario, a judgment ruled against you can lead to a court order that freezes or garnishes some of the money held in a bank account.

The draconian ramifications of a bill collector lawsuit means you need to know how to respond to the lawsuit.

How to Respond to a Lawsuit Filed by Roquemore & Roquemore, Inc.

You cannot expect to win a legal battle against Roquemore & Roquemore, Inc. by fighting the battle alone. Your best option is to hire a licensed consumer protection lawyer that has compiled an impressive record litigating cases under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Written into federal law by the United States Congress on September 20, 1977, the FDCPA prohibits a long list of debt collection practices. Some of the debt collection techniques outlawed by the landmark consumer protection law include the use of abusive language and the issuing of legal threats.

Hiring a FDCPA attorney also gives you the legal muscle to respond properly to a summons issued by a civil court judge. Your FDCPA lawyer might discover the statute of limitations for collecting outstanding consumer debts has expired in the state where you live.

This means the lawsuit filed by a debt collection agency no longer carries any legal weight. Another way your FDCPA attorney can help you is to discover a third party debt collector has violated one or more provisions of the federal consumer protection law.

By filing a counter claim, you might qualify to receive monetary damages because of the illegal actions of a bill collector.

What to Do If Roquemore & Roquemore, Inc. Sues You*

Monetary Damages Awarded in FDCPA Cases

Dealing with an overly aggressive debt collection agency can causes a tremendous amount of stress. Prolonged stress can lead to a number of physical issues, such as breaking out in skin rashes and suffering from high blood pressure related heart issues.

If you suffer from physical distress and the health issues are directly related to the illegal actions of a debt collection agency, your FDCPA attorney will seek monetary damages to help you pay the medical expenses required to treat your physical ailments.

Do not ignore a summons to appear in court. Speak with an accomplished consumer protection attorney today to learn how you should respond to the filing of a lawsuit by Roquemore & Roquemore, Inc.

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*Disclaimer: The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be constructed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Roquemore & Roquemore, Inc. or any other third-party collection agency, you may not be entitled to any compensation.