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Going to Court With a Collection Agency
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Going to Court Against Profit Services Group*

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Like most third-party collection agencies, the majority of Profit Services Group’s interactions with customers are probably polite and ordinary. However, every enterprise may have one or two bad actors who use aggressive tactics to attempt to collect on a debt.

Those actions aren’t just degrading for the consumer; they’re also illegal. If you’re being harassed by Profit Services Group or any other third-party collection agency, you should contact an attorney. Having an experienced advocate on your side is the best way to get the harassment to stop.

Know Your Rights

The harassment may have started to feel commonplace to you, but make no mistake: aggressive behavior from third-party debt collectors is illegal. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) prohibits a wide range of behaviors from third-party collectors, including:

  • Asking you to pay more than you actually owe
  • Reporting false information on your credit report
  • Calling you before 8 a.m. and after 9 p.m. in your time zone
  • Leaving you multiple voicemails
  • Contacting you at work after you’ve asked them not to

Remember that this list isn’t exhaustive. For more information, talk to an FDCPA attorney. Tell the attorney your story so that they are able to help you determine what your next steps should be.

Going to Court Against Profit Services Group*

Going to Court With Profit Services Group

If you and your attorney choose to file a claim against Profit Services Group, here is how the process will go: you’ll file a claim, Profit Services Group will receive notice, and then you and the company will appear in court.

The notice will contain a summons and a complaint. The summons tells Profit Services Group when to show up to court, and the complaint tells the company why it is being called in.

A lot rides on your time in court, which means that both you and Profit Services Group should take it seriously. Dress professionally, be prepared, and be on time– in fact, show up early. You won’t go to jail just because you couldn’t pay your bills, so don’t allow your fear to give you cold feet.

Preparing for Your Time in Court

Your attorney is going to be invaluable in preparing for your court date. For one thing, your attorney will be the one who will help you gather evidence. Together, the two of you will find and collect proof that Profit Services Group was harassing you.

You two may look through recorded phone calls for examples of profanity from Profit Services Group, or you may choose to use a piece of embarrassing mail as part of your case. In order to work together effectively and efficiently, you’ll need to be transparent partners.

That same transparency needs to be a part of the other part of the preparation process, which is when your attorney prepares you for Profit Services Group’s questions.

Your attorney needs to be honest with you about what questions may come up, and you need to be honest with your attorney about what kind of questions you’re nervous about answering. The more transparent you are, the fewer surprises there will be and the higher your chances of success will be.

Find an Attorney

If you’re being harassed for any length of time you’ve already been harassed longer than you should’ve. Contact an attorney today to make it finally stop. You won’t regret it.

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*Disclaimer: The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be construed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Profit Services Group or any other third-party collection agency, you may not be entitled to any compensation.

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