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What Does “Nonjudicial Action” Mean?

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Taking legal action can be time-consuming and exhausting; nobody looks forward to filing a claim. However, for better or worse, we often look to it as a first option to get someone to stop engaging in bad behavior.

Nonjudicial Action Simplified

Nonjudicial action involves taking a different approach. Basically, nonjudicial action is any action taken that doesn’t involve a courtroom. For example, imagine you got into an accident. Suing the other driver would be judicial action, but nonjudicial action would be simply asking the driver for compensation for your damages and injuries.

Nonjudicial action is a way to avoid going to the courts, which can ultimately save you a lot of time and energy. Judicial action is a powerful tool to exact justice on a situation, but sometimes, it doesn’t necessarily even need to come with that.

Nonjudicial Action and the FDCPA

Here’s how nonjudicial action can come into play if you’re thinking about filing an FDCPA claim. Nonjudicial action would be anything short of legal action. Perhaps by now you’ve asked the third-party collection agency to stop harassing you (which would be an example of nonjudicial action). This could mean that you’ve personally called the agency or asked them in writing to stop.

Unfortunately, it may not have worked. If your nonjudicial action hasn’t worked, then it’s time to consider your next steps. Contacting an FDCPA attorney can help you figure out what your options within the legal system might be. There’s no need to despair if your nonjudicial actions haven’t been working; that just means it’s time to change your strategy.

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