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Not because you owe money and are not able to pay accordingly and on time, you can be treated abusively and like a criminal by anybody. Unfortunately, there are many debt collectors who engage in these kinds of practices just to coerce debtors to pay in whatever means possible.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is enforced to make sure consumers are protected from such conduct by collecting agencies. Failure to adhere to this federal law makes them legally liable.

Pennsylvania FDCPA

Besides the FDCPA most states enact separate collection laws to ensure added protection for their residents. In Pennsylvania, the Fair Credit Extension Uniformity Act (FCEUA) is legislated to support and closely track the FDCPA.

Both have closely similar provisions particularly with prohibitions imposed on debt collectors including the following:

  • Harassing and annoying communications;
  • Threats of harm and violence;
  • Disclosure of information about debt to third parties;
  • Use of deceptive or misleading techniques;
  • Use of profane and obscene language.

What can be considered an advantage for Pennsylvania consumers is the fact that their debts have a statute of limitation, which is 4 years. This means beyond 4 years from the time payment defaulted or the contract is breached, the creditor or anybody else can no longer sue you for the debt.

However, a mere acknowledgement in writing about the debt’s existence or making a partial payment is good enough to renew the statute of limitation from the start.

Given the complexities in the law as well as the exceptions that may exists in relation to the application of the FDCPA or the FCEUA, it is best to simply get the assistance of an expert Pennsylvania FDCPA attorney. He can guide you about your rights under the collection laws and be the one to file the claim on your behalf.

FDCPA Attorneys in Pennsylvania

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Aside from the relief and damages offered by the federal FDCPA, any resident from Pennsylvania, whether from the highly populated city of Philadelphia or Pittsburgh and even in smaller ones like Tyrone, if you become subjected to inappropriate conduct by debt collectors, you can gain added remedies under Pennsylvania’s FCEUA. Some of these remedies include the following:

  • Three times the actual damages
  • Statutory damages
  • Attorneys’ fees
  • Legal costs

It is advisable to immediately seek the assistance of an FDCPA attorney in Pennsylvania if you believe that a debt collector has violated the FDCPA or the FCEUA. You only have one year from the time the abusive conduct has been performed to file a claim against the debt collector or you will lose your chance.

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While the FDCPA legislation appears clear, debt collectors are able to circumvent the law with their tactics. To know your legal rights under this statute and how you can apply it in your own situation, you may get a Free Evaluation from this site and find out if relief is available.

Should you decide to file a claim, the best person to help is a Pennsylvania FDCPA attorney.

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