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Third-party collectors are supposed to collect on debts–after all, it’s right in their job description. That being said, just because it’s part of their job doesn’t mean that they’re allowed to act with impunity to achieve their goals.

For example, even though they’re allowed to contact you about your debt, that doesn’t mean that they can call you before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m. in your time zone. It doesn’t mean that they’re allowed to discuss your debt with an unauthorized user. Most importantly, it certainly doesn’t allow them to harass you.

Fortunately, the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) can protect you from all of this behavior, along with many other types of aggressive debt collection behavior. This is because the federal government recognized that Oklahoma and all of the other U.S. states deserve protection from unscrupulous actions on the part of third-party collectors.

Of course, this law can only protect you if you speak up and file an FDCPA claim. This process can be daunting, but with a little background knowledge and the help of an FDCPA attorney, you can finally get the harassment from third-party collectors to stop.

Oklahoma’s Debt Collection Protections

Before going into some of the FDCPA’s protections, it can be helpful to know about Oklahoma’s debt collection laws at the state level. That way, you’ll develop a better sense of whether or not your claim is viable and whether you should pursue it at the state or federal level.

In Oklahoma, written contracts for debts have a statute of limitations of five years, though it’s only three years for oral contracts. Similarly, domestic judgements have a statute of limitations of five years, but foreign ones have a shorter one–only three years.

FDCPA Attorneys in Oklahoma


Although Oklahoma has its own protections, you may find that it makes more sense to file a claim under the FDCPA. The FDCPA protects U.S. consumers from third party-collectors’ bad behavior, which can include the following.

Of course, these aren’t all of the actions that are prohibited under the FDCPA. In order to see a more exhaustive list, be sure to click on the “Your Rights” tab at the top of the page.

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Even though third-party collectors are supposed to collect debts, you deserve to be treated with respect, regardless of the size of your debt or its lifespan. The FDCPA is meant to ensure that this will happen, and it serves as protection against bad actors.

The way to exercise the power of the FDCPA in Oklahoma is by filing a claim, and the best way to attain a successful claim is by finding an FDCPA attorney to represent you.

An experienced attorney should have the knowledge to mount a successful case, and they will be able to give your case the attention it deserves. Moreover, you won’t even have to pay your attorney unless you win your case.

A successful claim gets you your freedom from debt collectors and possibly even financial compensation–up to $1,000 per FDCPA violation. The sooner you discuss your options with an attorney, the sooner you’ll be able to get to a favorable outcome.

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