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Experiencing harassment from a third-party collector in North Dakota may leave you feeling frustrated and vulnerable. It may leave you feeling scared. It may even sap some enjoyment from your life at large.

It’s hard not to have these negative emotions when you consider what aggressive third-party collectors are trying to do. By calling you constantly, using profane language, and discussing your debt with unauthorized parties, they are trying to break you down until you do what they ask.

Rest assured that most third-party collectors are not like this. But the few that are have to reckon with the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). This law protects you from bad behavior from third-party collectors, such as unreasonable calling habits, attempts to embarrass you publicly about your debt, and threatening legal action.

The best way to figure out which actions to include in your claim are by familiarizing yourself with the FDCPA and North Dakota’s state laws. Then, consider talking about your legal options with an experienced FDCPA attorney. He or she will be in a good position to help you figure out what your next steps should be.

North Dakota’s Debt Collection Protections

Like many states, North Dakota has its own debt collection laws that you should be familiar with. These laws may end up helping you decide whether to pursue your case under the FDCPA or North Dakota’s state laws.

Fortunately, in North Dakota, the statute of limitations for debt collection is relatively straightforward. Any type of contract, whether it’s express or implied, has a statute of limitations of six years. However, the statute of limitations on judgements is ten years, so be aware of which one your claim would fall under.

FDCPA Attorneys in North Dakota


Depending on your claim, filing under the FDCPA may make more sense and provide you with a more positive outcome than filing under North Dakota’s state laws. Under the FDCPA, third-party collectors should not be taking the following actions.

Keep in mind that the list mentioned above is not exhaustive, so don’t be discouraged if your situation doesn’t feel like it fits in. You can find more information on your FDCPA rights by clicking on the “Your Rights” tab at the top of the page.

Talk to An Attorney Today

You have options if you’re experiencing harassment from third-party collectors. With the help of an experienced FDCPA attorney, the harassment can stop.

There’s no need to be afraid of filing a claim. For one thing, you won’t have to worry about payment unless you win; this is because FDCPA attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. Moreover, having an attorney will mean that you’ll have somebody knowledgeable arguing on your behalf.

This not only relieves you of the stress of forming a case on your own– it also means that you’ll be in the best possible position to win your claim and $1,000 for each FDCPA violation that you’ve suffered.

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