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Are you one of those who cannot sleep at night because predatory debt collectors have been bothering you for your unpaid debts? You have rights against them under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) of 1977 as enforced by the Federal Trade Commission, the nation’s consumer protection agency.

This Act protects cash-strapped Americans from the unfair practices of debt collectors. With this federal law, deceptive, intrusive, and abusive collection agencies will find it difficult to profit from the plight of debtors.

Minnesota FDCPA

To provide consumers with better protection, many states enact their own laws in support of the FDCPA. These state laws contain similar provisions to the federal FDCPA.

In Minnesota, the legislation that governs the practices of collection agencies is contained in Minnesota Statute §§332.31 to 332.45. Under this law, actions such as the following are tantamount to harassment and are therefore prohibited:

  • Embarrassing mail;
  • Incessant calls at all hours;
  • Written or oral threats of lawsuits or garnishments;
  • Deceptive means of communication, and more.

Different states also have different statutes of limitations. These are laws enacted by state legislative bodies that set the outer limit of how long someone has to file suit against someone whose debt payment defaults.

In Minnesota, consumer debts have a statute of limitations of 6 years. These consumer debts include, among others, the following:

  • Student loans;
  • Promissory notes, e.g., medical bills;
  • Funeral bills;
  • Auto loans;
  • Credit card debts; and
  • Other written or orally acquired debts.

Although the law dictates that you can no longer be sued if your debt has gone beyond the statute of limitations of 6 years, there are still many collection agencies or creditors who file lawsuits to force you to pay.

This is in violation of the FDCPA and the Minnesota statute. You may turn the tables against them by seeking the help of a Minnesota FDCPA attorney and filing a claim for damages.

FDCPA Attorneys in Minnesota

A Minnesota FDCPA Attorney Will Help You

If you experience inappropriate behavior from a third-party collection agency, you may get some relief through an FDCPA attorney in Minnesota. He can initiate a claim for damages on your behalf.

This may not only stop the collector from annoying you—you may even be awarded monetary remedies for the debt collector’s violation of the law.

If you are worried about legal costs and attorneys’ fees, you can rest easy knowing that part of the award provided to consumers who win their claims against abusive debt collectors is the recovery of such expenses.

In the long run, you may not pay for anything, and in the process, you’ll rid yourself of these burdensome collection agencies.

If you reside in Minnesota, whether in Braham or Minneapolis, you are protected by the federal and the state FDCPA. You may pursue legal actions against the unethical practices of debt collectors and let the law punish them through a claim spearheaded by a Minnesota FDCPA attorney.

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