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Sample Dispute Letter to Tucker, Albin & Associates, Inc.*

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Before September 20, 1977, American consumers dealt with a wide variety of unethical debt collection practices that included harassment and intimidation.

It was not out of the question for debt collection agencies to threaten consumers with legal action, as well as place frequent phone calls to consumers at home and at work.

Responding to a rapidly growing number of consumer complaints, the United States Congress passed a landmark consumer protection law that to this day, remains the legal cornerstone for listing consumer rights.

Referred to as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), the federal consumer protection law prohibits debt collection agencies from issuing threats of any kind.

A company such as Tucker, Albin & Associates is also banned from deceiving consumers by imitating the IRS or a law enforcement agency.

Tucked into the FDCPA is an often unpublicized provision that grants consumers the right to dispute alleged outstanding credit card and personal loan accounts.

What is a Debt Dispute Letter?

The FDCPA not only gives you the right to send a debt dispute letter, it also provides consumers with a blueprint on how and when to send the powerful written correspondence.

Under the FDCPA, a debt collection agency must send you a debt confirmation letter withing five days of first contacting you.

Documenting every letter and phone call you receive from a third party debt collector is crucial to prove the company did not follow the timelines established by the FDCPA.

After receiving a debt confirmation letter, you have 30 days to respond by sending a legally valid dispute letter.

The dispute letter you send a company like Tucker, Albin & Associates Inc. should travel through the United States postal system as a certified letter to ensure the bill collector received it in a timely manner.

Sample Dispute Letter to Tucker, Albin, and Associates, Inc.*

Important Elements of a Debt Dispute Letter

A debt dispute letter sent to a debt collection agency should begin with your name and contact information listed at the top of the written correspondence.

In the first paragraph, you include the reason(s) why you dispute the debt in question, which can range from invoking the statutes of limitations for debt collection efforts to claiming the amount of the alleged debt is nowhere close to the number you have in your personal financial records.

The second paragraph is the time to mention you have hired an FDCPA attorney to help you get to the bottom of the dispute.

Referencing your lawyer should motivate the third party debt collector to respond to the dispute letter in a timely manner.

You want to request physical evidence that demonstrates your legal liability to pay off the debt in question.

Another important reference involves mentioning Section 809(b) of the FDCPA, which states you plan to keep records of every form of communication you have with Tucker, Albin & Associates, Inc.

Consult with a State Licensed FDCPA Attorney

You can expect Tucker, Albin & Associates, Inc. to work with a high-powered team of lawyers.

Make sure you balance the scales of justice by hiring a consumer protection attorney who specializes in handling FDCPA cases.

Most FDCPA lawyers schedule free initial consultations with clients to determine the best course of legal action.

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*Disclaimer: The content of this article serves only to provide information and should not be constructed as legal advice. If you file a claim against Tucker, Albin & Associates, Inc. or any other third-party collection agency, you may not be entitled to any compensation.

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